New England Culinary Arts Training (NECAT) offers training, support and employment services to prepare adults to secure and retain career-ladder jobs in the Boston area’s diverse and wide-ranging food services industry.

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A Catalyst for Change

New England Culinary Arts Training (NECAT) provides chronically unemployed adults with a pathway to stable, long-term employment in the food services industry through comprehensive technical and job readiness training and individualized support and employment services. We are a catalyst for social change, helping our community’s unemployed bridge the skills gap, enter the workforce and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

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Annual Students

The program was launched in October 2013 and serves roughly 150 students annually.


Job Placement

85% of NECAT'S graduates secure culinary employment, on a career track to economic self-sufficiency.



Program graduates earn well above Boston's Living Wage, securing nearly $20 per hour, plus benefits, in their first position.

Follow the Journey

After graduation, our students go on to fulfilling and challenging careers. Hear from NECAT alumni about how our organization set them up for success in a fast-paced and diverse culinary arts industry.

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NECAT’s training prepares you for a variety of culinary jobs, with ample employment opportunities even in this COVID environment. Our employer partners are ready and eager to hire our talented graduates who have demonstrated culinary skills and expert knowledge of food handling and enhanced restaurant safety protocols. Enroll in NECAT’s 14-week program for adults and train toward a new start in life with a culinary career.

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