“A kid like me.” NECAT grad is profiled in the Boston Business Journal

Sirbastian Manisculco was just 19 years old when he enrolled at NECAT. Although still a teenager, he had a criminal record, was homeless and did not have much optimism about what his future would look like. That was four years ago.

Sirbastian is now flourishing in the job he’s been at since graduating from NECAT. He cooks at Fenway with Aramark Food Services where he has become a valuable asset and, as his boss says, has the potential to be a “future salaried manager and a leader around Fenway Park.”

Sirbastian, left, in the kitchen while a student at NECAT.

His story is profiled in the Boston Business Journal in an article that also highlights the Lewis Family Foundation and their work in supporting key community organizations to fulfill a long-term goal of placing 700 young people from Dorchester, Roxbury and Mattapan into full-time jobs earning at least $38,000 in annual income. NECAT is proud of its role in helping young adults in Boston, like Sirbastian, achieve a future of economic stability.