DEI Commitment

NECAT’S DEI Commitment

Our training model is focused on leveling the playing field for adults who have been underrepresented or marginalized. But in the wake of a national reckoning with systemic racism, we realized that we needed to do more to ensure that all our collaborations and employer partnerships in the city respect this ideal to both address and break the barriers that keep people from moving forward in their lives. As an organization, we want to lead by example. Therefore we:

  • Include DEI as a core organizational value and part of each of the pillars of our curriculum.
  • Recruit people of color to our Board, management team and staff to reflect the communities we serve. Our Board is currently comprised of 53% BIPOC and our staff is 63% BIPOC.
  • Partner with people of color who are owners, managers, and chefs to make our programming and job placement more sensitive to their needs.
  • Include DEI workshops in our staff development programs and seek student and graduate feedback on DEI sensitivity.

NECAT embraced the need for a diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) review, and embarked on a process to assure our mission, services, culture and governance reflect this. In 2022, we hired a DEI Consultant to assess our environment and ensure that our team is self-aware, strong and able to guide our students and program through an equity lens that is honored by the entire team.

We often describe NECAT’s program as iterative, as we have the unique opportunity to make positive changes in our curriculum and policies with every new class. Such is the same for the team who is committed to rigorous self-review to ensure equity for everyone who is a part of organization.