An Evening with Chef Sasha Coleman

Dry Seafood Boil

With seared shrimp, corn okra succotash, crispy potatoes, and Nduja purée. Recipe available here


Join us live on Zoom with NECAT graduate, Chef Sāsha Coleman as she demonstrates how to prepare a unique dish that combines her culinary backgrounds from both far and near.

Chef Coleman takes inspiration from time spent in Texas where she was drawn to the hearty, robust flavors and communal aspects of crawfish and shrimp boils. She also references her grandfather’s stuffed jumbo grilled shrimp that he used to serve in his restaurant, Tim’s Bar & Grill in Boston’s South End. Finally, the Nduja (a spicy pork sausage) originates from local restauranteur and friend, Jeremy Kean of Brassica Kitchen + Café in Jamaica Plain who shared some prosciutto he had been curing for three years.

See how she pulls it all together in this live demo that takes place in NECAT’s Training Center. Registration is free, but donations are welcome. Recipes will be made available to all guests.

 Thursday, February 25 at 6:30 pm


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About Sāsha 

Sāsha Coleman was raised in the restaurant industry. As the daughter of a chef and granddaughter of a restaurateur, she spent her adolescence working in her family’s Connecticut restaurants. Coleman graduated from NECAT’s program in 2017 and soon after joined the line at SRV. In 2019, she teamed up with Chef and Restaurateur Ellie Tiglao, and Bar Director Kyisha Davenport to open Tanám, a restaurant in Somerville owned and operated by women of color, focusing on culture, storytelling, and guest experience. The Boston Globe named it “Concept of the Year,” and Eater Boston honored it with the title of “Restaurant of the Year.” In 2020 Coleman received a Rising Star Chef Award. Coleman is a part-time instructor at Haley House and a board member of NECAT.