The New England Center for Arts and Technology – NECAT – opened its doors to Greater Boston in September 2013. An ambitious vision developed over a four year period by Founder and Chairman, Maarten Hemsley, NECAT represents a nonprofit collaboration between public and private partners.

NECAT is replicating the highly successful programs of Manchester Bidwell Corporation (MBC), a nationally-renowned career and cultural training center founded in Pittsburgh in 1968 by Bill Strickland, a heralded leader in the development of practical job-themed education and training for adults and youth. Building on MBC’s successful track record, influence and “corporate firepower,” NECAT joined with MBC’s replication subsidiary, the National Center for Arts & Technology, to develop a Boston affiliate based on the practices and strategies that have already been proven in Pittsburgh and across the U.S. and overseas.

NECAT has already positioned itself for longevity in Greater Boston by establishing strong partnerships with area employers, non-profit organizations, and funders. We work closely with employment partners to provide industry-specific job skills training, career-directed education, and placement assistance targeted to the practical needs of the workplace.