America’s Test Kitchen comes to NECAT for a wonderful evening

ATK Chefs Jack Bishop and Elle Simone do a live demo for NECAT supporters


Elle Simone and Jack Bishop

Chefs from the most watched cooking show on public television, America’s Test Kitchen were special guests at NECAT’s latest fundraising event. Celebrity Chef, Author and Test Kitchen Creative Director Jack Bishop, and  ATK Star and Test Cook Elle Simone charmed the audience while demonstrating how to make Pot de Crème — otherwise known to most of us, as chocolate mousse.

The demo was followed by a brief Q + A and members of the audience had the chance to learn a bit more about the behind-the-scenes of Boston’s own America’s Test Kitchen. Located in the Seaport District, ATK features 15,000 square feet of kitchen space and is the workday destination for more than 60 test cooks, editors, and cookware specialists whose mission is to test recipes until understanding how and why they work and arriving at the best version. There are 1.3 million subscribers to their print and digital publications. 

NECAT’s guests were then treated to a multi-course dinner of New England fare, inspired by ATK’s archive of recipes. Dessert, of course, was the decadent Pot de Crème. As always, NECAT’s talented students and chefs helped make this an unforgettable evening of entertainment and cuisine. 

We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors, donors and guests who helped us raise nearly $100,000 to benefit NECAT’s Culinary Arts Job Training Program. To see more photos of the evening, click here

About Our Special Guests

Jack Bishop
You know Jack Bishop from his America’s Test Kitchen taste test segments (this year alone, Jack will test more than 1,000 products, including ingredients and kitchen equipment!), but he is also the Chief Creative Officer of ATK. Jack has worked for ATK since its inception 27 years ago. Today he leads the 100 person team that develops all of the content for their shows, books, magazines, videos, websites and online cooking school. Previously, Jack developed recipes for Cook’s Illustrated, wrote tasting articles and equipment reviews and edited books.

Elle Simone
After a successful career as a food stylist and culinary producer in New York, Elle is now one of America’s Test Kitchen’s newest cast members and online cooking school teachers. Prior to ATK, Elle was producing shows for Bravo and The Cooking Channel. With this great background, she has developed a reputation for making ATK’s recipes look as beautiful as they are delicious. Elle also currently runs She Chef Inc., a national networking organization for female chefs of color. Elle’s first career was as a social worker, but when the recession hit and her organization lost funding, she found herself following her passion for cooking, attending the French Culinary Institute and interning at The Food Network, where she subsequently worked.

NECAT Thanks its Generous Sponsors