David Jiles – Cohort 7

In September 2015, David Jiles graduated from NECAT and immediately landed a job with the Hyatt Regency. Three years later, he’s still happily with the company, having been promoted and provided salary increases along the way.

In the spring of 2015, David was working at a factory, without a career path or clear plan for his future. He had loved cooking since he was a kid, but could never afford traditional culinary school. He learned about NECAT from another student and instantly knew this program was right for him. “My time at NECAT was great. I leaned basically everything I know today.”

While at NECAT, David worked in several professional kitchens to test out different work environments before selecting his permanent job. One of these sites was the Hyatt, which offered him a great position, with exceptional benefits. David has been at the Hyatt ever since and he loves the company.

“I could be on the streets, without a job, but because of NECAT, I have a career.”

David continues to stay in touch with NECAT. As he came through the doors on a recent visit, “this place feels like home,” he said.