Dennis Taylor – Cohort 29

“I have a history that includes involvement in street life,” Dennis will quietly tell you. However, that past seems far behind now. Dennis has worked on the line in kitchens for some time, including at a private golf course near his home. But, it was NECAT that sharpened his culinary chops and gave him the confidence to find a job that paid well and allowed him to put his skills to the test.

Since August 2019, he’s been at the Rare Steakhouse at Encore Boston Harbor, where he’s earning more than he’s ever earned before and enjoying what he’s learning under their Executive Chefs. “I’m happy,” he says. “My job is great and it’s thanks to my training. I really appreciate all of you at NECAT.”

Dennis, at left, on the day he graduated. He was one of the student speakers at graduation.