Sabrina Hick – January 2019

Sabrina had been working at Dunkin Donuts for three years before she came across NECAT’s program in Everett. “They didn’t see the potential in me. They kept pushing me down and telling me that I couldn’t be an Assistant Manager because I had no experience. That I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t go to school.”

Sabrina, center, at her NECAT graduation.

And then the opportunity “to go to school” was presented to her. NECAT’s 16-week culinary program would help her find her way to the managerial position she strived for. She was ready to work hard for her goal and before she even completed her NECAT training, she began working at the soon-to-open Encore Boston Harbor casino and resort in January 2019.

“I started as a Kitchen Worker [which is] part of the Stewarding team. We’re the ones who make sure that kitchens are always clean, that all pots and pans are available. It’s not exactly culinary, but it’s still part of the culinary team.”

Sabrina proved herself at Encore quickly. “I kept doing every thing that I could… asking them, hey, what can I do to help? Give me constructive criticism so that I can learn from my mistakes!” Seven months later, she became the Assistant Manager for Stewarding. “So now I get to help out at every single kitchen in the Encore family. I am in charge of 14 kitchens and about 300 people.”

Since taking on her new managerial role, Sabrina has kindly returned to NECAT to share some insights and advice for working at Encore. Since the casino and resort opened, more than 30 NECAT graduates have gone onto employment there. “I feel like to be successful in the world and especially at Encore, you need to give 100% of yourself at your job, and go the extra mile to see what else you can do to help… because, it doesn’t just grow your knowledge, it shows you want to grow.”

Congratulations to Sabrina on all of her growth.

A proud member of the Encore team.