Sandra Alexis – Cohort 32

Sandra, helping execute a NECAT fundraising event with America’s Test Kitchen.

Sandra graduated from NECAT in January. While she worked in the industry previously, when she lost her job, she decided that NECAT’s training would be a great way to hone her skill and expand her career.

So she was very excited to accept a great position as the Retail & Catering Manager at Carney Hospital. Only a month and a half after starting in her new role, Carney became the first hospital in the country solely dedicated to treating patients with COVID 19.

We heard from Sandra on March 23, 2020:

Hi Jessica,

I appreciate you checking in. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little overwhelmed with everything that’s going on, but I have to stay calm so the staff can do the same. As of now, all selfserve stations are replaced with staff which we don’t have much of, so everyone is on double/triple duty.

Even something as small as coffee or toast has to be handed to residents. We’ve switched over to paper trays, and mask, gowns and gloves have been given to those delivering meals to patients. Good news is we’re not allowed to access the floor where they’re keeping the infected patients. We bring the carts up and the nurses meets us by the door.

Everyone at Carney is on edge but we’re all doing our part to stay safe. Hope all is well on your end. Please tell everyone I said hello.

Stay safe!