Shawn Bishop – Cohort 21

“One year ago I woke up in the dirt on the side of the Connecticut River, wanting to die, and now I’m in the Sky Box, loving my job.”

Shawn Bishop worked in construction his whole life until major health problems got in his way. After nine years of unemployment and drug addiction, Shawn was preparing to leave his sober house and needed retraining – “I had no skills, I was completely unemployable”.

“Coming to NECAT was the smartest decision I ever made. I learned everything about cooking and working in a kitchen.”

At NECAT, Shawn also got his confidence back. “I cannot tell you the last time I had any confidence, but when I started my job, I felt totally prepared for everything they threw at me.”

Shawn is working full-time at Fenway Park, cooking high-end cuisine for the distinguished clientele in the luxury boxes. He earns a great salary, receives union benefits, has growth potential with his employer and feels at home in their kitchen.

“I tell everyone about this program – but I make sure they know this is not a place to come to learn how to cook, or a way to extend your benefits. NECAT will help you launch a career.”